I had the most beautiful sound healing with Chaitanyashree today in an outdoor forest setting (a safe outdoor space during the pandemic).

We walked from the studio to a serene spot and first he created and cleansed a sacred healing space amongst trees, with great care. During my session a kookaburra even visited and sung – an amazing experience as the birdsong was woven into the resonating Tibetan singing bowls and I felt nurtured by both sound and nature.

Thank you for creating a gentle and safe space for me to enter and connect deeply with myself, heal, align and raise my consciousness! In the world’s current state, the world needs true healers more than ever and Chaitanyashree’s skills are so so precious. I will be booking another session in the forest again very soon. Thanks so much, Kundalini Healing !! : )

Bren K

Chaitanyashree and Kristy warmly welcomed me and my friend into their store. I was looking for another singing bowl and Chaitanyashree asked me some questions to find out what kind of bowl I wanted, for what purpose, my price range etc.

He then selected a number of bowls for me to play with. We sat on the floor and there was no rush, I was given all the time I needed. Once I had narrowed it down to two bowls, Chaitanyashree played both of them for me… and it was clear which one was my bowl. Really great, helpful and down to earth service… thanks!

Claire F

Chaitanyashree is truly amazing! I have been receiving sound healing for the last few months and I have noticed the most positive changes. My friends and family have also noticed how happy and calm I’ve been. I highly recommend him.

Gabrielle T

  “Chai & Kristy are the most incredible team. I have found deep spiritual healing and fulfilment with them.”

Hannah K

Awesome! I remember going for my first session I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m glad I went, immediately after the session I felt lighter, calmer more in tune, not only have I found the sound healing beneficial, Immediately I was welcomed into their community and treated like family, we need more places like this, a supportive healing community like this is hard to find.


The journey of self-healing and discovery is always a challenging one, yet the rewards outweigh the difficulties – showing you a part of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Having trained in other healing modalities, I wanted to expand my healing and training and I wanted to train in sound healing – either gongs or singing bowls.

The following evening, walking through Newtown I came across Kundalini Sound Healing. I contacted Chaitanyashree and Kristy and first booked in a sound healing session and experienced first hand the incredible healing that Chaitanyashree offers – through sound, vibration and his presence.

The power of a spiritual healer lies not in their ability to heal you, but their ability to show you the strength, power, wisdom and self-love that lies within you to heal yourself. I have been a student at Kundalini Sound Healing since the beginning of 2018. What I thought was going to be a class in how to play singing bowls, is a fortnightly session in bringing me back to myself.

A combination of theory (chakras, mandalas and sanskrit history) and hands on practical experience in how to play the bowls was more than I expected. Chaitanyashree selected a set of bowls – of maybe they selected me! – chosen for me based on my energy, vibration and personal astrology.

I look forward to each session and continuing my healing journey while I progress towards sharing this beautiful experience – that is healing through sound and vibration with singing bowls – with others. Highly recommended.

Olivia B

The entire journey of the course was incredible – 14 weeks with ongoing support and guidance with Chaitanyashree were the best conditions for me to expand inwardly as well as outwardly. 

Each teaching with Chaitanyashree is gifted in the wisdom tradition of sharing experiences, dialogue and text relating to philosophy, the spiritual nature of Sound and the Chakra system.

With a deep knowledge of the Singing bowls and Sound, Chaitanyashree has guided me to heal others and myself.  The healing experienced on myself has passed onto all those surrounding me and onto my family line. Beyond my knowledge, being able to traverse the information of Sound through this course has strengthened my emotional and mental astuteness, allowing me to break down barriers I once carried; I now hold no judgment, criticism and self-doubt. 

This course has given me a greater level of awareness, creativity and intuition in the container of intention and laughter. The best way to learn! I am very humble to receive this gift of healing.  I have become more confident in what I have to offer in every aspect of my life and especially the relationship to myself. Sending many blessings to Chaitanyashree and Kristy for holding space for my growth.

Sally K

Without any exaggeration, this is a life-changing experience through the sound.

Stella P

“Life-changing Sound healing!

Meeting Chaitanyashree the sound healer was an amazing event for me and one I will always cherish!

A rare find of a gifted intuitive sound healer in Sydney who I believe can assist anyone on their journey through life. Blessings and thank you to the Universe for this beautiful recurrence.”