Most individuals are looking for help in finding peace and symptom reduction from mental health-related issues. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour that seeks to understand the relationship between our thoughts and emotions and the role these play in our everyday functioning, our relationships and ability to achieve our goals. 

The initial session involves a detailed assessment which helps to identify treatment goals and the purpose of seeking psychological intervention.
Ongoing treatment focuses on your goals as well as working towards understanding the core of the problem.

Frequently treatment aims to release repetitive thought patterns and unwanted or negative behaviours. A combination of evidence-based techniques is used in session including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy and Mindfulness to assist in retraining the mind and to release deeply held negative beliefs.

The treatment also aims to provide you with a range of effective tools that will support your recovery and ongoing mental health.

Psychology may assist with:

Anxiety, worry or stress

    Depression and Mood changes



 Life changes & adjustments

 Psychosis & psychotic disorders

 Relationship difficulties

 Women’s issues

 Substance use issues

Life purpose / Identity crisis 


Therapy when you need it

We embrace technology to the fullest and offer psychology sessions via zoom or over the phone (Telehealth).

The therapy relationship

We ensure a safe, warm and non-judgmental environment and are genuine, positive & caring in our approach.

A holistic approach

In combination with psychology treatment, we have expertise in a range of holistic approaches to support your ongoing mental health.

Psychology Fees

Sessions are delivered via Zoom. Before your session, an email is sent to you with registration form and information including an appointment for Zoom.
Telephone sessions are available.



  Duration: 50-60 minutes

Fees with Mental Health referral from your GP.

Private health fund rebates may be available via your private health insurance.







To book a Psychology Appointment or to speak with our friendly staff:
phone: 4700 5849
(online booking not available for Psychology appointments)