Sound Healing

Diagnostic Healing

The main purpose of this healing is to diagnose your energy and to identify, through the use of sound, which chakras are balanced or unbalanced.

Specific bowls are used for each of the Chakras with various frequency, vibration and sound. This leads any individual to experience the sound journey of peace and light within.

Chakra Healing

We recommend this healing after the initial Diagnostic Healing. This healing focuses on a specific chakra or chakras identified as being unbalanced or not in harmony.

Chaitanyashree works on a deeper level for a concentrated amount of time to bring more harmony and balance to the chakra.

Crystal Healing

Similar to Chakra Healing with the added benefit of crystals applied to the chakra.
Crystals are selected according to the chakra to bring more balance and harmony.

Combining crystals with bowls amplifies the healing process and brings benefits according to the properties of each crystal.

Deeper Level Chakra Healing

This comprehensive healing includes Diagnostic Chakra Healing and focuses on any blocked or unbalanced chakra(s) identified in the diagnosis.
All of the chakras will be exposed to the healing bowls, altering the vibration and frequency to a more harmonious state. As sound and vibration also alter the molecular structure of water, every cell of the body will feel the benefit of the healing.
Chaitanyashree will discuss the characteristics and qualities of the chakras and provides a brief counselling session to explain the contributing factors associated with any disharmony.
Crystals may also be used during the session to support the healing process. This experience will leave you feeling totally relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.

Traditional Healing Mantra / Sadhana

This is an ancient Vedic technique based on spiritual healing through connecting with the higher frequencies of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Lord Ganesh – removes obstacles and assists in new beginnings
Mother Saraswati – mother of knowledge and wisdom
Mother Laxmi – mother of peace and prosperity

This sacred ritual invites you to participate in a Sanskrit prayer to invoke wisdom, healing, growth and/or abundance in particular areas of your life.

This traditional healing approach can be adapted for your home, office or land (prices of any off-site healings are provided on application).

Ancestral Healing

This is an outdoor ritual that is specifically focused on healing karmic patterns and attachments related with your ancestral family.

Chaitanyashree uses ancient healing techniques and ritual methods that support you in reconnecting with your ‘family tree’ – he utilises the power of an ancient Fig Tree during the process.

It is highly beneficial for anyone who has long-standing family issues, inter-generational patterns, relationship disharmony or a dis-connect within the family. It will also assist when there is both physical and emotional distance between the family.

Deeply healing and very beneficial.