About Us

Who we are

Chaitanyashree is a Sound Therapist, Healer and Teacher. Chaitanyashree has been working with Sound since 1998 and his first healing centre was established in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2010. In 2015 he established his Kundalini healing centre in Newtown, Australia.

He specialises in sound healing, meditation and working with the metaphysical elements of the bodies’ energy system to support health and healing. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most advanced sound and vibrational healers in Australia at present. His style of treatment and techniques are based on the ancient Vedic understanding of energy healing, which originates from the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal & Tibet. He provides individual sessions, groups, ceremony’s and training in his therapeutic techniques and has a huge range of singing bowls, gongs and other healing tools for sale.

Kristy is a Psychologist. Kristy commenced working in the field of psychological health in 2008. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree with Honours, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is registered in Australia as a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and General Psychologist.

While she applies her knowledge & evidence-based interventions that ensure a high standard of psychology treatment, she also draws on a strong base of experience. She works with her clients to delve into their subconscious, which can greatly assist in understanding why we hold deeply-held beliefs and why we behave in ways that often conflict with the life we would really like to be living. 

Both Chaitanyashree and Kristy recognise the value of holistic health & healing and also work with herbs and vibrational plant medicines to support your healing process.


the natural healing force within us, is the greatest healing force for getting well

– Hippocrates

What we do

“Our focus is on supporting our clients in their healing process, and to assist them to improve their mental health and overall functioning. In doing this, we aim to help clients to learn more about themselves, uncover or develop spiritually (if that is what they choose to do), and to learn about living more harmoniously with the people and the world around them.

We understand that by living in harmony with the universe, by cultivating a flow and rhythm that is at peace with nature, at peace with the community and with the world at large, we all become happier and healthier human beings.”

Our Team


Sound Therapist, Healer, Teacher

Born in the spiritual Himalayas, Chaitanyashree is one of the most influential and effective Sound Healers originating from Nepal. He uses the singing bowl to converge higher spiritual energy, to heal and rejuvenate the body, to open the blockages and retune the chakras with existence.

Chaitanyashree’s knowledge of the singing bowl is not only based on the scientific analysis of sound, but also on a deeper, inner spiritual understanding and realisation of its frequencies and its positive effect on the body, mind and soul.

He regards the sound of the Singing Bowl as Nada Brahma, the primordial sound, the source and the core of all existence. Nada manifests from nothing to something, something to nothing.

When one is tuned, this Sound opens the door to higher consciousness, rendering one’s body energised and recharged with divine energy, which ultimately heals everything.

Chaitanyashree has been in his Spiritual Sadhana and meditation from a very young age. His experience of the sound journey was uplifting, especially the sound of the singing bowl. One of the most beautiful, simple and powerful vehicles to learn to meditate and find deep peace within.

He strictly focuses on the right singing bowl and sound since sound is a form of energy that can have positive as well as negative effects. A bowl that may sound good for one person may not suit another.

To that extent he helps people to find the Singing Bowl that suits them, to match their bodily frequencies and its harmonics, and to resonate with the chakras. To enable everyone to play, Chaitanyashree gives different types of courses, based on his personal experience, techniques and approaches as well as on ancient Vedic understanding of sound and its relation with the human body.

From their first healing session, one can really feel a very powerful and out-of-body experience. Many people are transformed from his healing session. Chaitanyashree uses a wide variety of sets of singing bowls for different kinds of healing and therapy sessions, depending on individual needs.

Kristy Jane

Clinical Psychologist Registrar I General Psychologist M.Psych (Clin)

Kristy undertook her formal studies in Psychology in Australia, and has reached Masters level qualifications in Clinical Psychology, providing a solid grounding to practice in the field of psychology. She has conducted research in evolutionary psychology, and has a strong interest in holistic healing modalities that extend beyond the traditional psychology model. Between 2012-2015 she immersed herself in studies in Nepal, focusing on Sound Healing, Tibetan Meditation and Eastern philosophies, spending time in remote Ashrams and Monasteries devoted to teaching meditation, healing and yogic practice. She also wrote a research thesis on traditional healing, which reviewed and provided evidence of the use of a vast range of different techniques and methods used around the world including shamanic and indigenous healing practices.

“A session with me will commence with understanding your reasons for seeking treatment and what it is you wish to learn, heal, explore, understand about yourself. There are layers to treatment; sometimes you may come in for 1 or 2 sessions – or it may be necessary to delve deeper into a processing journey over a number of sessions.”

There is no one specific approach that Kristy will use, as such she will see each client as a unique individual and tailor treatment accordingly. She has a calming, positive and supportive nature that is very genuine and non-judgemental. There is no pre-requisite for psychology sessions – you can be a first-time person to treatment, without having had any prior experience of therapy or you could be somebody wishing to re-commence therapy and try a different approach.

“The most important component is the development of rapport that supports a safe, engaging and warm environment to start psychology intervention. I place a high priority on what we call the therapeutic relationship – in all the healing traditions that I’ve researched, this is central to the healing process.”


Experience working with a broad range of psychological presentations:
Anxiety, worry or stress
Depression and/or grief
Understanding mood changes
Life changes: school, career, moving, parenting
Post natal Depression/Anxiety parenting
Psychosis and psychotic disorders
Relationship distress/Creating healthy boundaries
Substance use disorders
○ Life purpose related concerns
Work/life balance

Therapy approaches include:
Cognitive, Behavioural Therapy & DBT, Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Therapy (Kristy has formal training in each of these)

Areas of interest include:
Analytical psychology – by Carl Jung (psychological types, archetypes, collective consciousness), Transpersonal psychology, Yoga and exercise, Herbal & vibrational plant medicine, Metaphysical (energy) healing, Nutritional psychiatry.


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