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Welcome to Kundalini Healing Therapies with Chaitanyashree, a renowned Sound Healer from Nepal and Kristy Jane, a Psychologist.

namasté – the light in me, honours the light in you.

Our Services

Our unique therapeutic services provide you with the opportunity to choose a path of healing via Sound healing therapy or Psychological intervention (or a combination of both).

Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing is an ancient modality that uses various vibrational sound frequencies to release stress and anxiety. It helps to rise higher consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and tranquillity in our body, mind, heart and soul.
sound is the medicine of the future.

– Hippocrates


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour that seeks to understand the impact that thoughts, emotions, biological or environmental factors may impact our mental health and ability to function. 

Plant Medicine

Plants and herbs are well-known for their profoundly healing properties. Kundalini Healing Therapies is a proud supplier of High Himalayan herbal incense, Australian Bush Flower Essences and is the sole Australian retailer of First Light Porta Alchemica Flower essences from New Zealand.

Sound Therapy Courses

Kundalini Healing Therapies provides training and courses in Sound Therapy. These include online and in-person training courses, individual and group training and retreats.

Who We Are

Chaitanyashree is a Sound Therapist, Healer and Teacher. Chaitanyashree has been working with Sound since 1998 and his first healing centre was established in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2010. In 2015 he established his Kundalini healing centre in Newtown, Australia.

Kristy Jane is a Psychologist. Kristy commenced working in the field of psychology and mental health in 2008. She holds a Bachelor degree with Honours, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is registered in Australia as a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and General Psychologist.

Both Chaitanyashree and Kristy recognises the value of holistic health & healing and also work with herbs and plant medicines to support your healing process.


Each teaching with Chaitanyashree is gifted in the wisdom tradition of sharing experiences, dialogue and text relating to philosophy, the spiritual nature of Sound and the Chakra system. With a deep knowledge of the Singing bowls and Sound, Chaitanyashree has guided me to heal others and myself. The healing experienced on myself has passed onto all those surrounding me and onto my family line. Beyond my knowledge, being able to traverse the information of Sound through this course has strengthened my emotional and mental astuteness, allowing me to break down barriers I once carried; I now hold no judgment, criticism and self-doubt. This course has given me a greater level of awareness, creativity and intuition in the container of intention and laughter. The best way to learn! I am very humble to receive this gift of healing.


Without any exaggeration, this is a life changing experience through the sound.


Chai & Kristy are the most incredible team. I have found deep spiritual healing and fulfilment with them.

Hannah K

Life changing Sound healing! Meeting Chaitanyashree the sound healer was an amazing event for me and one I will always cherish! A rare find of a gifted intuitive sound healer in Sydney who I believe can assist anyone on their journey through life. Blessings and thank you to the Universe for this beautiful recurrence.


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