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Sound Healing

Sound is an ancient transformative modality that is experienced on all physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

Chaitanyashree uses the singing bowl to converge higher spiritual energy to heal and rejuvenate the body. Sound healing restores deep tranquillity in the mind, remove blockages and fines tunes your chakras to help the body to heal.

Look at your body as a divine musical instrument and your chakras the strings of everyday life. How do you sound today?

Benefits of Sound Healing:

Improves mood

Relieves anxiety

Increases self-awareness

Supports cellular regeneration

Relieves vertigo

Increase sleep quality

Balances chakra

Accelerates detoxification process

Increases the ability to relax & meditate

Increase awareness of the ability of physical & non-physical sensation


In addition, sound also supports:

Personal, spiritual growth

Advanced meditation and trance techniques

Connection with higher consciousness

Connection with universal/inner truth



Most individuals Kristy Janes sees are looking for help on finding peace from mental health-related issues with the aim to empower each individual to be the master of their own destiny.

Therapy when you need it
We embrace technology to the fullest and offer therapy both in person or on zoom.

The therapy relationship
Kristy Jane will support and guide you through your journey, helping you release limiting thought patterns and behaviours so you can start to see the beauty in your tapestry of life.

A holistic approach
Kristy Jane is here to help you understand your unique self better, to take better care of yourself and those around you, and to value yourself for the gifts that you bring to the earth.

Issues addressed during therapy:
Anxiety, worry or stress
Depression and/or grief
Understanding mood changes
Life changes: school, career, moving, parenting
Psychosis and psychotic disorders
Relationship distress
Creating healthy boundaries
Substance use disorders
Life purpose related concerns
Work/life balance




Everything in existence has a unique vibrational rate, including ourselves, and vibrational imbalance affects the quality of our lives in many ways.”  Ian White

Vibrational Herbal Medicine

We sell and formulate a range of beautiful, exquisite vibrational plant and herbal medicines. The powerful properties of plants as medicines have been utilised as remedies across cultures for thousands of years. They are recognised for their benefits in supporting emotional health and well being.

Our plant medicines are curated from the most well reputed suppliers of Australia, New Zealand and Nepal, ecologically sourced, using pure and ancient methods to formulate specific remedies. We focus only on plants and flowers of these key regions to connect with our geographic location – Australia/NZ – and the high vibration frequencies of the Himalayan region of Nepal.

We have a range of ready-made formulations available for purchase in our STORE (link).

We also prepare specific formulations, tailored for you to meet your exact needs.

Plant medicine consultations are conducted online or via phone. The remedy is prepared and sent to you.


Sound Courses

Healing and transformation through the blessing of sound.

Introduction to Sound and Singing Bowl Therapy

Level 1

14 weeks
One day a week from 2-4hours


Practical / Homework’s provided each weeks

Taught by Chaitanyashree 

Advanced Healing Techniques

Level 2

14 weeks
One day a week from 2-4hours


Practical / Homework’s provided each weeks

Taught by Chaitanyashree 

Silence Retreat Advance Course

 Level 3 

14 weeks
One day a week from 2-4hours


Practical / Homework’s provided each weeks

Guru Premangee in Nepal